One More Golf Quilt

I have been in quite a quilting mood lately, but am leaving for a visit to Chicago.  I’ll be taking knitting because I find it much more portable. But I am hoping to keep the quilting juices flowing for when I return.  So I planned a simple project and put it on the design wall.

Golf fabric pieces

Fabric inventory

These are the pieces left over from the golf quilt.  Now I could cut them into smaller squares and put them in my scrap collection.  But since they are themed, could I do something as is? Maybe with filler blocks from the other colors I had used?  Out with the graph paper, and I am thinking 44 x 44 lap quilt thoughts.

Graphed design

Maybe this

And suddenly it seems the shapes can stand alone without filler blocks.  Now to test with fabric.

Fabric in graph layout

Like this if scrunched a bit more

It’s not that I couldn’t cut the large pieces up; it is just that I rathr like them this way.  And pieced blocks between would just muddle it. So I am thinking blue, a rather light blue for the empty space.

That will be on the design wall when I return, and I think it will make it easy to get back into quilting mode.



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4 responses to “One More Golf Quilt

  1. I like the idea of leaving something there to be finished. You can look on your blog while you’re gone, and think about things, see if something else pops out at you. Enjoy Chicago. Hope it warms up some for you!

  2. Pretty fabrics you’ve chosen for this quilt.

  3. quilt32

    That sounds like a really good idea. It will be fun to come back to a project that is already in progress.

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