From the Pacific back to the golf border

After a nice couple of days on the Pacific coast

View of ocean

Look hard to see the coast town of Manzanita

Neahkahnie Mountain

Looking back at the mountain from the town

Ocean view from beach

Can you hear it?

it is back to the golf quilt.  I am ready to piece the final border.

Preview of quilt border

Green or blue…

I almost wished I had made the checkerboard row blue and gold, but the green is growing on me. Now the question is whether to repeat the green in the cornerstone or go with the blue.

Because of the holiday, today feels like Monday, but it is Wednesday, so click on WIP Wednesday link to the right to see quilters’ progress.






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3 responses to “From the Pacific back to the golf border

  1. Florence

    What would a photo of a green cornerstone look like? The blue seems a bit strong or is it just because it’s closer to the camera? Just MY thoughts. . . . HAPPY NEW YEAR CLAIRE!

  2. Oh, I LOVE the Oregon Coast and know exactly where you took that top photo – I probably have a similar one for every year we’ve vacationed in the area. Love your golf quilt, too – the border looks nice!

  3. Hi knitnkwilt…you left a comment on my kwiltnkats blog recently about the size of the hour glass blocks. Each one unfinished is 3 1/2″. Sandi
    p.s. got a chuckle out of your blog name! Nice pictures of the coast, much further to the north of me in San Diego…

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