The Golf Quilt — continuing

Here are the bottom three rows (with a repeat of the two middle ones to show some continuity)

bottom rows

Blocks, top to bottom: Birds in the Air, Pinwheel, Hole in the Barn Door, Flying Geese

The very light green in the checkerboard and the light blue do not “glare” in real life like they do in the photo (thank goodness).

I knew there were limits to the 54 x 54 inch design wall, but I also don’t know where I would set up the larger one.  I tried for a whole shot on a bed, but can’t get far enough away for a good one. Still it is an idea.

Preview top to bottom


The top is ready for tucks and spacers to make each row the same length or width.

If I had it to do over, I’d not have made the big block on top (Ohio Star). At the time it seemed necessary for balance with the panel and because the recipient lives in Ohio. I think another couple rows of blocks would have worked just as well; however, I don’t dislike it enough to make those different rows. I’m in get-it-finished mode.

WIP Wednesday is taking a break; check back next week.


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3 responses to “The Golf Quilt — continuing

  1. I think it’ll be great when it’s all together, and you’ll be happy with it. I like the green framing blocks.

  2. I like it and am certain Ohio will like it, too. It is a fun assortment of block styles.

  3. quilt32

    Since I’m also from Ohio, I love the Ohio Star. The entire quilt is just magical.

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