Out of Hibernation

No one can say I rush into projects.  I recorded my starting ideas here. I couldn’t believe that was July a year ago! And showed my initial fabric selections here. I revised the plan and began cutting fabric for the various blocks last December.

graphed plan

I cut out all but the background because I wasn’t sure how much to make green and how much gold or which shades of green, or even if I had enough green.  Maybe I’d have gotten back to it sooner if I had cut all the pieces and just had to pull out a well marked envelope. As it was, quite a few other projects pushed it way to the background.

It is out again, and after an afternoon of reviewing my notes–very complete notes, I had some direction.  The gold (fabric in the Ohio Star block) is winning over green for background in most places, and the top row is begun.

top row layout

The rectangles at the sides will become flying geese with the gold for the “sky.”  And there will be a strip of gold on each side of the rows of geese to make the size come out right.  If I had started sooner I’d not have had the gold-star-fabric rectangles that I recently bought…and I like how they echo the weeds in the foreground of the panel. Once again, procrastination has been of value.

The first time I made a checkerboard setting and laid it out and saw how long it became, I was sure I had mismeasured at some point. Nope.  All those 1/4-inch seams shrink it right to size.

Back to the sewing room. I’ll meet up with you again later.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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2 responses to “Out of Hibernation

  1. dezertsuz

    I love the scrappy greens. I am in favor of procrastination, in some cases. If I’m not feeling the push, I wait. In this case, it’s certainly helping everything come together. We tend to live rushed. Sometimes, it’s good to slow down and let things take place when they want to.

    • As you might guess, I totally agree with you. I rarely feel guilty for setting something aside. (Well, it begins to nag two years after a promise or a birth.) So far everything that has been hibernating ends up with something quite changed from the original plan.

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