Quilt Finished and Delivered

Reviving this post for Val’s Tuesday Archives, theme Stars and  Stripes.

Here comes the whole process instead of stages. Starting with the finished quilt.

whole quilt

About 36 x 40

I started it back in July to try out a new ruler.  While I was pondering details, it got a specific destination as a shower gift–the shower being over, I can post details now. My first thought was to keep the equal blue/pink for gender neutrality and shift to the colors of the stars for the border. Here is the audition of that idea:

Auditioning border fabric

Not working

The tactic of using colors from a major print wasn’t working here; it was much too abrupt. I diddled quite a while with options, adding the pink and blue, thinking to use star blocks as corner stones, and pondering colors of stars.  I was really attached to the idea of the narrow red and orange inner border, and it took a long time to drop that idea and move on to another option. But I finally shifted the two colors to the stars and moved the stars. At that point the name of the quilt changed from “Gender Neutral” to “Staying out of the Corner.”

One of the first decisions had been the orange star fabric for the backing, and that didn’t change.

Backing fabric

Backing fabric

What did change was the binding method.  I’d planned on the gold-orange of the star block, but I had enough of the backing to bring it to the front, and I liked the look better than plain. (Note to self: it is also easier to miter corners this way.)

binding detail

Back to front binding

Because  a friend thought the top reminded her of a circus and cotton candy, the name was temporarily “Circus,” but that changed.  All those stars registered along with the baby shower destination, and the quilt got its final name, “A Star Is Born.”






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8 responses to “Quilt Finished and Delivered

  1. Florence

    Great end product and love the name. You did have fun with this!

  2. Thanks. It was indeed fun. I’m sorry I had to mail it before I could show it to you quilted and bound.

  3. quilt32

    I loved going along with you on your journey with the quilt. I’m sure a lot of people who get quilts don’t have any idea of the thought behind them.

  4. dezertsuz

    Thanks for sharing the birthing process. =) It’s a very happy quilt, and a great gift.

  5. Love it when people share the process. I think it came out quite well!

  6. I really love the colors and the wavy lines you did with the chevrons. Wonderful work Claire!

  7. The journey a quilt takes is always interesting and not always the route we expect. This came out great and I hope the recipient still enjoys it even now (first “blankies” are usually life-long treasures)!

  8. Isn’t it fun to rejuvinate a post from three years ago!! THIS is exactly why I thought of T.A….I mean I would have never seen this cute quilt! Thanks for resharing it!!

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