Fall Quilt Retreat Time

I’m happily planning and less happily cutting fabric for projects to take the the guild’s fall quilt retreat. It is so much easier to work (plus less to carry) if the cutting is done at home. When I first attended a retreat I didn’t know that, and I took a shopping bag of fabric for each project! I spent quite a bit of my time waiting for a turn at the cutting table.

While opening boxes to search my fabric, I came across a top I’d started long, long ago.

Practice quilt, unfinished

The top so far

Eons ago, when this UFO (UnFinished Object) was started, I was participating in a round-robin group and had never made pieced borders.  I felt the need to practice before working on someone else’s quilt. I also wanted to practice inset, pieced circles, and did on the center square. I had picked up some fabric at guild for a charity project and decided that would work well for practice. (Luckily there was no time limit on when the gifted fabric had to be used.)

It was tucked away unfinished because I couldn’t see how to get from the size it is (34 x 40) to twin-bed size. But now I am in another guild with other charity projects, and new sizes are an option.  So the quilt is two borders from finished.

First I’ll finish the last row of the checkerboard, and then it needs some pink and some dark green. I’d run out of the light fabric I’d been using in the larger checkerboard.  What I have to substitute doesn’t look as bed to me now as it did back then, so I’ll get into the old tradition of making do!  I have a pink striped fabric to use in a border with mitered corners–still practicing. Then I’ll repeat the dark of the center.

After the top is finished, I’ll practice machine quilting…a practice project all the way from start to finish.


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4 responses to “Fall Quilt Retreat Time

  1. It is so fun to find such surprises! This will make a great quilt. Very restful.

  2. Sure enough! Other surprises included a stack of 100 3×3 pieces already cut. Prompted me to cut mates for a 4-patch. I think I have enough projects to keep me busy.

  3. Cherry Delaney

    Yes, it is much better to have things cut out and ready to go. Also good to have one’s own iron – big or little!!

    • Oh my, thought I was packed, but didn’t think of iron. This group doesn’t have a mini store onsite, and I don’t know the area. Don’t know how far I’ll have to go if I forget something.

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