Miniature beginnings

1 1/2-inch ShooFly block

Getting smaller

I’ve long had a desire to make a miniature quilt.  In the first attempt, the fabric disappeared down the hole under the sewing machine needle–I was using a zig zag machine and was told to use a straight stitch plate. I set the idea aside.

I took a class with Terrie Sanderlin (see link to the right),  bought her book and used her method of gluing squares to paper to avoid losing fabric in the hole.

Recently, I tried again with raw fabric (no paper) and a Featherweight (straight stitch) machine. Technology has probably helped, but I’d guess more practice and a less slippery fabric also did their parts.

I was making “Flying Geese” blocks, and I usually save the trimmed triangles from these to make pinwheel blocks. I don’t usually save any under two inches. But this time I was making flying geese 1 1/4 x 2 1/2, using 1 3/4 squares on the 1 3/4 x 3 rectangle pieces. The trimmed triangles were 1 3/8; stitched together they trimmed to a 1-inch half-square-triangle block. With quarter-inch seam allowance, the finished size is 1/4 inch. I have enough triangles to make a dozen of these blocks. If they all work out to size I’ll ponder next design possibilities.

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed the ratio of fabric that disappears into seam allowance.  With this size it is 50%. Not economical, but better than discarding scraps.


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3 responses to “Miniature beginnings

  1. Wow. Good for you! Can;t wait to see it finished off.

  2. Florence

    I’ve often thought about doing these little mini’s – they’re just too cute!

  3. At quilt shows I’ve seen 9-patch pieces 1/8 inch square (3/8 inch block). And I’ve seen some very tiny Lone Star quilts. Can’t imagine doing that, but love it. Working my way down. Florence, just do it! Carol, I have triangles stitched together, but not yet trimmed.

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