The Lost Is Found

The round robin project started in May. Four of us sent center blocks to the next person on the list, but only  three arrived.  The lost package could not be traced or found, so the maker created another one that we all added to.

Then in September, the lost arrived in the second quilter’s mail. We decided to send it around and surprise the quilter. She has seen it now, so no more secrecy.

This is what I received:

Starter block plus two additions

I immediately knew I wanted to add blue and green in the next border. My first thought was to match the medium value of the center, but I didn’t have any such fabric. I also wanted the blue and green to read almost the same value. I found some darker that actually ended up working better than my original idea would have.

Center with added border

My first thought had been checkerboard of one inch squares, but it was too small a scale. Second thought was alternating 2-inch squares, but that was too plain. Luckily the measurements allowed alternating 4-patch and plain, then alternating the plain blue and green.  The border seemed skimpy, but I knew there was another addition coming.

I do not have a photo of the finished piece, but the next border is a black background with a small print that includes red and blue. It takes care of the skimpiness of my border quite nicely and complements the colors. And the maker of the center was excited to receive two tops!


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