Round Robin

Round three completed

First I should say that you should never believe me when I say, “I’ll finish it today.” Something always comes up to distract me. But nevertheless, my part is now finished.

The serendipity was twofold.  First I had some green fabric like the fabric in the left mountain.  Plan A was to mix it with other greens and add other lavenders in the bottom checkerboard. The second was having bought just the right fabric without even planning it.  The sampler of Fair Trade cotton from Uganda  mentioned a couple posts ago turned out to supply the perfect tones.  Since many of the dyes were natural, the colors were muted. They echoed the colors in the camouflage and distracted less than Plan A would have from what was already in the piece when I received it.

Meanwhile, remember the piece I sent out?

Variable Star Block

Center block

Round Robin come home

Awaiting border and quilting


It has made the round of three quilters and has come home.  It is large enough as is, but I think the corner stars will look better if I add a small dark blue border, so that is my next plan.







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5 responses to “Serendipity

  1. Florence

    How wonderful it looks, and so clever of you!

  2. Both quilts look great! I love the second one as it is … maybe a dark blue binding would be enough? Just a thought … =D

  3. quilt32

    Very interesting to see what can be done in both cases.

    • Lillian, it just amazes me what a unified look four people can get without planning ahead. In this case it is even more amazing because we didn’t send any focus fabrics along to make the unity come a little easier.

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