Round Robin and Design Wall

Each turn presents a  different challenge on a round robin, even at the end.  The goal is to add something that fits well but doesn’t finish.  Even the “last” addition, which is my challenge here, will go to the original owner to make the final decisions and get the piece to size. This round-robin project had minimal rules: do something when you get it. Here is what I received.

Round Robin--three rounds

Round Robin–three rounds

Don’t you love the idea to use camouflage fabric to convey snow on a mountain? And the striped fabric in the upper left, and the bear? This one called for the design wall.  I’d ordered the wall after a quilt show but not opened it because I was moving. (Ironically it traveled from OR to IN only to be moved back to OR.) Since my “studio” is my whole apartment, it sits in my living room.  That may prompt me to do a bunch of projects while it is up.

First design idea on design wall

Design wall (54 x 54) taking over the apartment

The great thing about this design wall is that it folds up into a carrying case about the size of a shoe box. And it is relatively east to assemble and dismantle. If you are interested, the design wall can be found at Cheryl Ann’s
After looking at the project for a while, I realized everything was pointing up or off to the left, so I reversed the geese. I do like it better now.

Reversing geese direction

A small but useful revision

I still have areas to fill in and the bottom to do something with. This round robin was planned by Sunshine (link to the right) and the products were intended for the group’s charities. The goal is to finish with it today and soon send it on its merry way.

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