Lan Su Chinese Garden–July

The feature at Lan Su for July was silk embroidery–all of it stunning.  Until I got close to the framed ones on the wall, I thought they were water color paintings.  The parrot was unframed, so it was easier to view the stitches, of which there are two: parallel and random.

silk embroidery

silk embroidery

Water lilies continue to bloom; new to me were the tall ones.

water lily 'field'


water lilies closer view                                                                                                                                       tall water lilies




The overall look of the garden was lush green; most of the blooming plants were at ground level. And I learned the name of the mystery flower, unlike hyacinths I’d seen before.

lush green

Land Boat



Mystery solved–it’s a hyacinth

Two especially pretty blooms


Pomegranate blossom

unknown flower


























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4 responses to “Lan Su Chinese Garden–July

  1. Florence

    I think your last “unidentified” flower photo is a Tiger Lily.

  2. Gorgeous. I was at the gardens in 2006 and loved it there. Except it happened to be 103 degrees that day!

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