Round robin

Here is the center:

And here is my addition:

I know exactly what I would do for the next two rounds, but I’ll keep it a secret and wait to see what two other minds come up with.  My border is not intricate, but I learned from an earlier round robin that rather plain borders occasionally are good to give the eye a rest.  There are two more round robins to go; I have the next one with its first addition, and it is incubating.

These round robins are for Sunshine Online Quilt Guild (see right for link). When we get our own back, we will finish them in a child sized quilt.



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2 responses to “Round robin

  1. dezertsuz

    I think those are the perfect borders for that center! What a cherry start to the child’s quilt.

    • Thanks. I have two ways to get ideas for colors in quilts: using colors in a print in the quilt and using fabrics that just happen to be lying together in my sewing room that look good together–often combinations I’d never have thought of.

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