Historic Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Why historic, you ask?  It got RAINED on

Firemen helping hang quilts

Firemen helping hang quilts

for the first time in 37 years!

Luckily we had gotten there at 7:30 AM to watch the hanging, so saw most of the show.

Quilt hanging on balconyFirst we saw them hanging quilts from relatively low balconies. Then we watched as the firemen used their special equipment: ladders, of course, and hooks to grasp wayward corners to get the quilts in place.

Quilts on shop side wall


We wandered up and down viewing quilts on one of three long streets and all the short streets between two of the long ones.

We saw probably 2/3 of the 1300 quilts that were displayed before the first raindrops fell. At first it seemed just a teaser, as the drops evaporated almost as fast as they fell; then they stopped.  Quilts that had been removed were replaced. Then more drops fell. Then more and more and faster and faster.  Volunteers hustled as fast as possible with ladders to remove quilts and get them inside; people hustled for shelter when thunder and lightening began. We sat in a nice bakery/coffee shop while the hail hit. The 2012 outdoor show was over around 4:30 pm and streets were opened to traffic early.

I kept searching and did find an older post about a quilt show so linking this one with Val’s Tuesday Archives.


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4 responses to “Historic Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

  1. Oh my gosh! I’ve been there when it was boiling hot and when it was pleasantly cool, but I never heard of raining! I’ll bet that was a bit exciting. The putting up is the most fun to watch. I hope all the quilts were okay. From the looks of your pictures, the rain came out of nowhere!

    • Actually it did cloud over about an hour before the rain, and a breeze blew in; at first it felt good, till we smelled rain. Still we hoped…

      The volunteers talked like they had been trained of what to do if it rained. but no matter how fast they worked, it seems some would have gotten wet. It would be interesting to know the plan.

  2. quilt32

    What a shame – I would love to see that show.

  3. Thanks for all the pictures and links about the Sisters Quilt Show! It’s been great and I plan on returning to dream!

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