Samples boxes got me this far…

Fading Charms minus two pieced borders

Fading Charms minus two pieced borders

I am almost at the end of the six boxes (three year’s supply) of samples from Keepsake. I have about 80 pieces left and need about 240, so I guess the rotary cutter and I will be friends for a while.

I wonder if it will be obvious  where the batches of scraps change.  Just in case it shows, I’ll mix the oldies up with the leftovers of the Keepsake samples, at least for the next border. I was making it “fade” in two ways…the arrangement and the value of the colors. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep the value shift up with getting into my own scraps. I’ve always thought I didn’t have enough variety for a scrap quilt. We’ll see.

I don’t think I saved any time by using the samples instead of cutting my own–not only because now I have to do some cutting (though less than had I cut them all), but also because of all the more sewing I have had to do. But I’ve used up something that I though had a use, but couldn’t figure out what till I saw the Fading Charms idea. Once I let go all ideas of perfection, it was a great way to use up the pieces whose measurements were slightly off. (No way was I going to redo the cutting!) Of course the last pieced border will allow no excuses…

You can see I opted for lime green instead of sunshine yellow. And I’m happy with that decision.

Resurrecting this post for Tuesday Archives because it has a zig zag. Button in sidebar. The quilt has been finished, but why not go for the oldest post on it?



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8 responses to “Samples boxes got me this far…

  1. Janetta

    Love it! Live the light and dark patterns you have going!

  2. Florence

    Claire ~ It looks really wonderful! Love the fadings and the lime green.

  3. dezertsuz

    I love the way you have the lights in the center part!

  4. Thanks folks. You know what is really funny? They show up better in the photo than in real life!

  5. quilt32

    I like the lime green very much.

  6. Ann

    Its a wonderful idea, I wish I had saved all my samples!

    • Thanks. As I now go through the bags of scraps that have moved with me several times, I am finding things much smaller than useful…pieces that if cut into square and seamed would leave nothing showing. Claire (knitnkwilt)

  7. Oh, it is looking GREAT! I love the mix of colors. Keep us posted, please.

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