A great use for small scraps

Yes I know I should finish Fading Charms first, but doesn’t this look like fun?


June 23, 2012 · 11:39 am

7 responses to “A great use for small scraps

  1. Thanks for sharing my post!

  2. Ann

    Yes it does! I’m glad to see you also are inspired to start something prior to finishing another! 🙂
    When I used to quilt in the early 90’s…. I would find a pattern in a book, go to the quilt store to get the fabric and quilt it up. Now with the internet and all these wonderful blogs and block of the months… I have many things I’m doing at once! YIKES!

  3. The good news is that this quilt used different size scraps! I really like that it will allow me to use some of my smaller background pieces. This one is on my to-do list as soon as one of my current leader/ender projects is finished. Thanks for sharing!

    • For me it is the same size, though I’ll be finished with the sample blocks that were not accurate and I’ll be cutting my own. So no more excuses for corners not meeting.

  4. Florence

    Yes! Love all the colors and fabrics!

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