A New Distraction

The distraction is that I just found goodreads.com; I have been not only reading more, but finding more to read and reviewing what I have read.

Food Fray: Inside the Controversy Over Genetically Modified FoodFood Fray: Inside the Controversy Over Genetically Modified Food by Lisa H. Weasel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A readable survey of developments of genetically modified foods (and fuels)and resistance to them, of their successes and failures, of their oversights and limits. It is written by an academic, a cell biologist, but written so that a layperson can understand the issues. There are source notes in the back so as not to intrude, but to be there for the reader who wants to follow up.

Especially interesting are the chapters presenting the non US perspectives: Zambia, India, and Thailand.

It is neither for nor against genetic modification, but it is for transparency, safe handling, labeling, and public good rather than corporate profit.

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2 responses to “A New Distraction

  1. Ann

    Goodreads is definitely a distraction, I had to limit myself or else I’d spend all day at the computer on all the social sites! 🙂

    • Ann, they are definitely time-eaters! And I don’t even play the games on them. But there is a lot of potential information on some of them as well. When I limit my time, I exclude the news articles I read because I have “liked” some great news source. I can rationalize most anything.

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