Frugal Finish and Fading Charms Lagging Behind

I planned more than I accomplished this weekend. But I did get the Frugal Blocks (directions here ) for the raffle finished.

Frugal Block Layout

Five finished blocks

The quilt is designed to use 20 blocks; I do not know how many will be in a set that is raffled. It will depend on how many are turned in.  I think five is enough to make, though if I get my scraps out again for another project, I may change my mind.  However, it takes only one to win.

I think I will start cutting 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch pieces for the border, just in case. And of course have a back up plan.

Doing the Fading Charms quilt from the boxes of Keepsake samples showed me how much more fun it is to do a scrappy project from pieces already cut.  I sat down to sew and got into a zone and just kept sewing. And if my calculations and count are correct, I have enough sewn for the border that is four deep.  So now it is time to decide between sunshine yellow and lime green for the plain borders between the patches.

Progress--or lack thereof

The Iron gets the next dance

The plan was to have it assembled today. I’m flexible. Maybe by the end of the week. It is nice not to have a deadline. They do prod me along to a finish, but relaxed progress is better.


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One response to “Frugal Finish and Fading Charms Lagging Behind

  1. Oh, how exciting! Your Fading Charms looks like it is coming along nicely!

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