Round Robin center and Frugal Patch progress.

The weekend was perfect for working on multiple projects.  Now that I am retired and have seven day weekends all the time, a three day holiday weekend doesn’t mean as much as free time as it used to mean.

I finished the center for the Sunshine group’s round robin.

Round Robin Center

12  1/2 x 12 1/2

Round robins are my favorite group project. Each addition to each one is a new design challenge, and I am pushed into colors and patterns I might not otherwise work with.  This project will have four people working on it, and it has the fewest rules I have encountered in a round robin.  The center can be any size and each person is instructed to “do something” to the piece when they get it.  My kind of freedom!

Sunshine (see link to the right) is a charity quilting group, and these round robins will end up being donated.  We are not sending fabric along with the center as is sometimes done–we all have plenty of stash!  When we get the piece back we will finish it into a child quilt and send it off to Wrap them in Love or Wrap a Smile.  I have received the center I am to work on and am thinking “next” thoughts. It will take a while to choose an idea. . . .  I have several.

Although I didn’t finish the The Frugal Patch , I made significant progress. For this project, I am making blocks for a block raffle–each block is an entry.  Winner(s) will get enough for a small quilt and can add blocks to enlarge it. As designed, the blocks go side by side, and a border of the small rectangles is added.

Frugal Patch Pieces

Frugal Patch Pieces Ready for Assembly

With the help of a friend on the tan background fabrics, I have enough for five blocks. I didn’t have enough variety of the neutrals to maintain the scrappy look at 16 pieces per block, and she volunteered some squares she had already cut.  Meanwhile while I was cutting the colored pieces, I was also cutting squares for another friend who needed variety for charm quilts. With all our stashes, we still need more! To get the 22 pieces per block, I went through my “recent” scraps–“recent” being defined as since the last time I put them away–and my box of less than an eighth yard pieces. I still have three big boxes of 1/4 to 1 yard pieces to go through for the border in case I win a batch.

The Frugal Patch isn’t intended to be a charm quilt–that is each piece, usually same size, does not have to be different–but rather a use-up-scraps quilt.  So repetition is not a problem, so long as it is far enough away from its duplicate piece(s). The 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch pieces use up a lot of small stuff.  By doing the project as a raffle, we will get a much larger variety than any of us could get on our own.

What is your favorite group quilting project?



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  1. Darlene

    There is a place to comment.

  2. Florence

    Claire ~ You’re so much fun to follow, but it does help to know you personally. Such a special lady!

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