Lu San Chinese Garden check-in

After the last visit to the Chinese Garden when the guide kept saying things should be more in bloom in two weeks, I headed out in approximately two weeks.  It was premature.  There were a couple new blooms, but not what I had expected. There are still the bursting buds though! And of course the place is beautiful and the sky was a rare blue! So I’m not saying it wasn’t worth the stop.

pillars with poem

This is one of the rooms, I think it is the one for formally entertaining other scholars–with time I will get the floor plan more into my head.  The reason for the photo is that I didn’t have a photo last time when I talked about the couplets.  On each side of the doorway, the lines of the couplet must synchronize. If the top character is a noun on one side, it must also be on the other. There must also be a content relationship, similar or contrasting. I don’t know the translation for this one because it isn’t the one the guide translated, but it was in a better photo spot. I also learned something new: the couplets are a challenge between two scholars. One makes the first line and the other then the second–obviously the second has the bigger challenge!

Bridge and Lake Tai Rock

It was a great day for reflections, between the blue sky and smooth lake surface.

Tea house and formal room

In the foreground is the room with the couplet at the doorway. In the background is the tea house.

Scavenger hunt dragonAnd on the tea house window is one of the dragons for children to find as they walk through.  I think there are nine. Maybe I’ll even find all of them in my visits.

Land boat

Inside the land boat is where I found the dragon last time.  Land boats, as the name implies, do not move–after all the garden is small so its lake is small as well. But it gives the feeling of relaxing on a boat.  I am trying to find some good spots for repeat photos as I watch seasons change, and this seems a good one. It is also where I photographed the persimmons tree with persimmons still hanging at my December visit.  Look how close the willow is to leaf. Here is another view:

willow and Lake Tai rock

The land boat is off to the left, mostly off photo.  The next shot is across the lake from behind the willow.

Willow and stone bridge

Through the leaves you can see the land boat.  I like this view, but wonder how much of the land boat will show when the tree leafs out.

There were two dramatic flowers newly in bloom. I’ll show the tree with the red bloom in the lower right, then a close up.

Red flowers beginning to bloom

Red flower almost open

And last, but definitely not least, the plum blossom that I went especially to see.  There are two trees, one single bloom and one double.  There were one or two blooms on each tree. They are known for blooming in February–and they barely have made it this year.  Here’s hoping I time my return to see both trees in full bloom.

First Plum Blossom

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