Everybody reads: The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

Multnomah County Public Library sponsors everybody reads in February. They also sponsored a photo challenge–to locate a place named in the book and take your picture there and submit it to the library website. That is something you can do when the book is set in your town!  Of course I played.

This is the photo that I submitted.

A friend and I planned it together. We both read and listed places then looked them up on Google maps.  Of course some had already disappeared.

What interested me about this one was that the book named an AME church that had previously been a Lutheran Church; the corner stone seems to support that this is the right AME church.  Not only had the neighborhood been Scandinavian before it was AfricanAmerican, the main character had both in her background.

This turned out to be the most popular site entered.

My friend and I took about six photos each so we would have some choice to enter. Here are my other ones.

Holy Redeemer ChurchYou will have to read the book to see what happened at Holy Redeemer Church.  We had to get too far back to be recognizable when trying to get the identification of the church into the photo.

If only you could read on the tennis court sign up sheet that the photo was of  Irving Park. Since you couldn’t , this photo got rejected.  Read the book to see who played tennis there.

Laurelhurst ParkThe photo at Laurelhurst Park was tie with the AME church for entry, and if I had known that the majority of people would submit the church I would have chosen it. But I didn’t.

I must say that although the book noted it was an upscale neighborhood, I didn’t realize how much so till I was there.  (I am rather new to Portland so don’t know all the neighborhoods.)

The prize, a Nook, was awarded in a random drawing–had nothing to do with how clever a detective one was to find places named in the book or with quality of photography.  And Neither my friend nor I won the Nook.  But that is fine. We had an enjoyable outing!


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3 responses to “Everybody reads: The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

  1. Can I tell you how absolutely delighted I was to see your photos? They’re just wonderful! Thank you for posting them.
    Warmest wishes,

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog, Heidi. I just realized I didn’t add how much I enjoyed your book–it was a very good read! Also timely. I am always interested in identity formation, plus it was the week for studying identity in a cultural studies class I am auditing.

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