To the International Quilt Show

Today I leave for Houston for the International Quilt show. It will be my first time to visit that show, and I am looking forward to being overwhelmed.  I have two days to view it, and hope that is enough.  I didn’t sign up for any classes this time. Oh, some looked tempting all right, but I resisted. I need to use what I know for a while before moving in new directions.

I haven’t decided whether to take my camera or not.  I view a show much differently if I am taking pictures.  I am more interested in light, angle and composition.  I become a photographer instead of a quilter.  It also makes me more impatient of crowds, the people who get in the way of my carefully composed shot. I prefer enjoying the people.

I do much better just enjoying the quilts, looking at design, looking at technique, maybe commenting to my companious or eavesdropping on others who are commenting.  Of course i do not touch, though that takes MUCH restraint. On rare occasion I have sketched something I want to remember, but I do that less and less. Instead I figure the mental image will do, and if it gets distorted, maybe there is a reason.  There will be bed quilts, wall quilts, traditional quilts and art quilts, and I will revel in them all.

I will be meeting friends in Houston, and that certainly adds to the fun; I will also be staying at the new Hosteling International Hostel, the Morty Rich Hostel.  Hosteling is a great way to travel; in the US it has always been for people of all ages, and they finally took “Youth” out of the name of the organization.

So time to get packing.


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