Planning the Golf Quilt

Yesterday I sketched out the top. But first I figured out measurements that I needed for a twin quilt.  I had notes from an older magazine that a twin mattress is 39 x 75; I measured mine: it is 37 x 75

preliminary sketch

So I’ll make a 2 inch border that can either frame or hang over.  To cover the mattress and hang down a bit takes at least 10 inches. But quilting takes up a couple inches, and maybe shrinkage when washed. So to be on the safe side, 15 inch borders.

I usually do several stripes in the border, but this golf greens fabric can carry the whole border, I think.

I am making a large block to cover the pillow and allowing an 8-inch pillow tuck, then rows of various blocks plus the golf panel. The blank space is where I haven’t yet decided on what size block to use or if I’ll use one or two rows. And of course the space between rows is not fixed other than that I have at least 12 inches altogether, not counting the pillow tuck.

I have tentatively planned colors of blocks and background. So the next step is to make some of the blocks that I plan to use and lay them out and think about the overall effect of the arrangement. This time I have enough fabric that I can make some blocks but not use them and make more if I change my mind. I will think colors, space between rows, effectiveness of blocks as I lay them out and, probably, arrange and rearrange a little.

I never anticipate how much time this initial sketching will take. Whether I use it as is or not, it is a necessary step. Oh and I think I will need more variations of blue and green than I had pulled, so it is back to the stash to see what I have, and maybe to a quilt shop to fill a gap.

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