Mental Quilting

the starter

The golf themed quilt has been in my subconscious germinating while I finished other projects ever since I found the panel (at least a year ago).  I thought I was going to work on it this week, but the fabric is still whole.  I had a couple ideas for the companion fabrics, but so nebulous.

accompanying fabric

Design problems. I had planned a medallion type arrangement, only the panel took up most of the width of a single bed, and that gave me pause.  I also wondered what to do with the pillow tuck. So it sat there while I thought of various blocks and borders, trying to come up with blocks that fed into narrow borders to make the width of the panel work.

Serendipity while browsing quilt books on design: divide surface into thirds horizontally and vertically and make the focal point at one of the intersections.  Now I knew that, and in fact have used it for wall quilts. (I would like to call them art quilts, but I don’t think the art quilt police would agree.) It just hadn’t occurred to me for a bed quilt.

So the tentative plan: move the panel down to the lower third (Sorry can’t make it to the intersection of thirds). And do blocks in a sort of strippy setting, then border all around…making sure one of the plainer strips comes at the pillow tuck.

So next step is to get out the graph paper.


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2 responses to “Mental Quilting

  1. Moira

    Sounds like a great plan!

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