Progress on the crayon challenge

Well I am a couple days behind–could not remember how to set up the Featherweight table.  Finally a neighbor helped me.  We couldn’t find the latch, but we had a screwdriver. So I could finally get to sewing.

Variable-Star Blocks

Variable Star

I never feel like I have accomplished anything till I can lay out the block and see what it will look like. Yes, I know making the points counts, but it still doesn’t feel like it does.

So I have the “flying geese” points sewn.  My favorite way to make them is to use rectangles and squares, and trim away the excess. Nope, I don’t waste fabric.  I make half square triangle blocks out of what is removed and use them as leaders and enders.  I think that idea came from Bonnie Hunter, but I am not sure.

Now I can use the 4 1/2 inch and 2 1/2 remnants easily; the left over from the 1 1/2 square may be too tiny. I’ll try four and see what kind of a pin wheel block I get out of them.

Tomorrow I will sew up all the 9-patch blocks that are laid out. There are three light stars stacked up.  I may also get the light border finished.  Then I will decide if I really want the planned star in the medium border, or maybe two, or maybe none.  I have decided to go for rectangle instead of square…so there will be two rows of medium value squares at the top and bottom. I haven’t decided whether to make them same value in both rows or to make a checker board row before the darker border…Some decisions just cannot be made until more is sewn.









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