Crayon challenge design decision

I had to abandon Plan A when I moved from abstract to the real world of fabric at hand.  And I had added the challenge to make the quilt from my stash to the already limiting details (previous post) of the crayon challenge.

Crayon challenge design

Yes, I still design by hand on graph paper with pencil.  I have tried EQ but getting caught up in the details of how to use the program distracted me from designing.  I kept thinking I needed to play just to play and not be really designing at the time, but that time never came. There is no guarantee that I will follow this design to the letter, but it is a place to start. The fabric is pressed and ready for the rotary cutter tomorrow. I have been careful to think size of block, size of piece finished and with seam allowance.  There are some colors where I do not have enough fabric to make a mistake cutting.  Maybe tomorrow I will have the center finished.


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2 responses to “Crayon challenge design decision

  1. Pat

    I’m experiencing the same thing with EQ. For me it’s just easier to jot down what I’m wanting to do–usually on the back on some envelope. (Old habits die hard!)

  2. Pat, we may follow old habits, but we aren’t Luddites; we DO have blogs. 🙂

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