Back to Sewing–Starting on the Crayon Challenge

My quilt guild in Indiana has a challenge going. Because I didn’t know when I was leaving, I went ahead and got into it, and I will finish the piece and send it to them.  It is due mid July, so it is time to get busy.  Here are the two crayons that I drew:

Crayons for Challenge

Not overly inspiring, eh?

The rules of the challenge are to draw two crayons, sight unseen. (You don’t think I would have chosen these two if I could have looked, do you?) Then we can add only one neutral, but we can use any shade, tint, or tone. There are several charity projects that are the destination, and the charity determines the size.  I am aiming for 36 x 36 or 38 x 47 for a wheel chair lap quilt.

While I was organizing my fabric, I didn’t think of selecting for the challenge till I got to smaller pieces, but I think I have enough. I have a tentative plan, 4-patch blocks and sashing with stars at the cornerstone.  In the abstract, I had planned to use the darkest for the sashing, but there isn’t enough.

Here are the fabrics:

Fabrics for crayon challenge

I made a first pass at arranging the fabrics by value. Obviously I need to sort out a couple more degrees of different values.  I think I’ll let them sit  where I can look at them while I figure out measurements and how much I need for various arrangements. Then, with mid July quickly approaching, I’d better quickly make a decision and get to work.

At least I am finally unpacked to the point where setting up the ironing board, cutting board and sewing machine is a real possibility.

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