Retired! and reading Anthill and The Circling Song

I have really retired, and while I am doing some knitting–especially while I listen to news–I am mostly reading this week.

I am in a group that reads books and knits while we discuss the book. Well sometimes we discuss the book. And this month the book was Anthill by E O Wilson. The beginning was slow and made me wonder where it was headed; the middle was a wonderful description of , you guessed it, ant colonies and their division of labor and the progression of colonies.  The authors natural history specialty was obvious in this section, and the idea of trying to make it from the ants’ perspective really worked for me. And it fit into the novel, an amazing accomplishment.  The action picked up in the last third.

Then the historic events in Egypt and an interview on Democracy Now! with Nawal el Sadawai prompted me to reread The Circling Song. I remain fascinated by the book and am convinced there is something important just beyond what I already see.

I have done some knitting.  I got the sweater mentioned in the last post to where it is ready for a try on. I misread the instructions for the sleeve, though, so expect there may be a third knitting of that sweater.  I took out another sweater, this one for me, to practice the sleeve part on while I wait to have the blue one tried on.  I am about 15 rows into the combined body and sleeve knitting.  When it gets photogenic, I’ll add a photo.


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