Process more than Product

I have been mostly knitting on a sweater that has been started twice.

blue sweater three quarters finishedThe second try was to avoid seams.  I have combined the instructions for the sweater (from The Best of Interweave Knits) with Elizabeth Zimmerman’s instructions for seamless knitting.

I am hoping it fits when finished!  I think the first thing I should have made with fit should have been for me so I could try it on frequently. But I didn’t think that far ahead. So this one waits between trips from Lafayette to Chicago for try ons.

The cold weather is right for knitting things that get big and are warm on the lap!  But the time is always right for knitting.  It is so relaxing.

In two weeks I will have retired.  Then I will have more time for quilting and knitting, and hopefully I will have more progress to report.

Some of my friends are promising to post process as well as finished product.  That fits my style–I tend to be more process oriented than product.  I guess that is why I didn’t flinch at ripping a back and a front and starting over in one piece.  Though I must admit  it is nice to have a product occasionally!


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