Border decision pending

I inherited several batches of blocks; all are assembled into charity tops except one.

how to increase by two

. This one is assembled, but needs to be wider and longer. It is 15 inches wide and needs to be at least 40.  It is 35 inches long and needs to be about 60.  I would guess the original maker would have intended the stripes to form the chevron; however, when I tried that, the cowboy boots almost disappeared. Now if I had matching fabric, that would not be a problem.  But I don’t.  (Of course I could go to missing fabric. com…and that remains an option. )

Another design issue is the dominant yellow–How much of it to repeat, and where and how? I am thinking pieced border for the sides with a co-ordinating smaller one for top and bottom, or I could make the same border, but only put it at top or bottom.

I have yet to make any decisions about border design. I have yellow, blue and red that are close enough, but was not able to match the green.  I have brown and black.  Suggestions are welcome.

Meanwhile two of the others.

These were a little easier to work with.They will be charity quilts and for children.  I hope the bright sashing appeals to a child and that they don’t think the fans too “old lady.”  These quilts go to various countries, and I’m hoping that associations of what is child-, what is boy-, what is girl-appropriage are less fixed than for us–or at least differently fixed. I can see a child enjoying the floral prints! And red, hopefully that is a winner.

The  quilt below has some “kid friendly” prints in the center of some of the square-in-a-square blocks–but here again I wonder how much our toys and cartoon characters translate. I would be interested to hear what others think about “child friendly” across cultures.

The background fabric is a rather dull dusty rose, but I think it works with the other colors even though it isn’t a traditionally  child color.  

Luckily there were enough blocks to make a child sized quilt!  There is another top that is all together except for its borders–at least for that one I have a plan for the borders.

The source for these blocks is the stash of a woman who was very active in the Sunshine Guild, an online charity guild–link to the right.  She was list moderator, chief encourager, made tops, and quilted tops that we made.  Many of us sent tops to her, and she quilted a phenomenal number, then posted photos. Her health had not been good, and then we learned she had died.  She will be greatly missed.

Her fabrics (and unfinished blocks) were sent to various guild members to make into quilt tops. Besides the memorial quilts made from her fabric, guild members have been making 9-patch blocks in her honor. we have counted over 2000 blocks so far. Several women are assembling them.  There are two organizations that Sunshine sends to.  We are sending In-Memory-of-Bev quilts to each. First to Wrap a Smile for a Rotoplast trip to Peru that needs 135 quilts.  Then we will turn our attention to Wrap Them In Love.  Details about the group and links to their sites are at the Sunshine site.



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2 responses to “Border decision pending

  1. NikiQuilts

    The first quilt you show, I’d disassemble and mix the blocks with alternate blocks to get the size you need. Then you can add a fabric that ties to the boots (horses maybe?). I would not add a lot more yellow as yellow tends to take over a quilt. Hope this helps!

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