Vacation Travel

It has been a long time since I have posted. I have either been traveling from Indiana to Oregon and back, preparing for travel or recovering from travel.  One goal was to see Glacier National Park while there still are glaciers.

Numbers were impressive, but the visual image moreso.

In 1850s 150; now about 26

1932 contrasted with 1988

We did see Jackson Glacier.  The drive along Going-to-the-Sun Road was beautiful; the contrast of snow and wildflowers wonderful. And we learned the definition of ‘glacier’: Vertically the ice is 100 feet, horizontally an acre, and it is moving. Construction and one way traffic gave us an unofficial viewpoint.

Of the various waterfalls, this one was quite impressive.  I think I remember 492 feet–and it isn’t all in the photo.

So the scenery remains, even as the glaciers dwindle.  Projections are that they will be gone by 2030.  We were speculating on new names for the park then and chose The Park Formerly Known as Glacier National Park.

We stayed in East Glacier at Brownies.  I was quite pleased to see a quilt on the bed in our room. I hope it was made by a local quilter.


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  1. lets hope the view is still there!

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