It’s a two workshop month

Last weekend it was a knitting retreat and this weekend the Quilters’ Hall of Fame Celebration. Classes at each. Makes for a heavy schedule, but I am glad it worked out that I could attend both.

At the Knitting retreat I only watched the spinning and weaving classes, but really got involved in the knitting garments to fit and transforming flat patterns  into round or seamless–so much so that I started a sweater over.  Not far enough along for a photo…

The Hall of Fame is located in Marion IN, in the house of Marie Webster, an early business woman and quilt historian. She lived there from 1902-1942

She had a thriving mail order business; she employed women of Marion;  she designed quilts,  and with the women, created patterns, created kits from the patterns, created tops for those who didn’t want to piece them, and made complete quilts for those who preferred it that way.

At the Celebration, I took a design workshop with this year’s  Honoree, Jean Wells.  The class project is a wall hanging based on the 9-patch block. The assignment was to make one light center-dark outer; one dark center-light outer; one medium light center-medium dark outer; one with the small pieced center. The rest we could do as we wished.  Now I have to find a fabric for the background and finalize the arrangement. Though information and exercises can be found in her book, Intuitive Color & Design, it was  most enjoyable in person.  It will be a while before this is finished since I am going to combine sorting my fabric stash with looking for a background!

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