A quilt show and some beadwork

I have just been to the Vermont Quilt Festival in Burlington, and the quilts were fabulous. So was the workshop led by Mary Stori.  I’ve not been one to rush onto the embellishment bandwagon, but I have been curious to know how those mirrors are attached. And what better way to learn than to do it?

Beginnings of a scissors sheath

I work a little slowly, so this is all that I got finished in the six hour workshop.  But it was enough to learn at least one way to attach those mirrors plus a couple other stitches.

Now I am thinking, have skill, will use. Sort of the reverse of “If your only tool is a hammer, all your problems will look like nails.” Now it is more like this:  If you have nails, get a hammer…

I have been planning a crazy quilt, and now it seems that in addition to embroidery, some beading would be a nice touch.  So I bought a book of stitches and some beads color coordinated with the used kimono silk that will be the basis of the crazy quilt.

Back to the show.  There were current quilts entered in competition, there were antique quilts dating back to 1860s, there were quilts from the Green Mountain Quilters. There were hand quilted gems and gorgeous machine (stationary and track) quilting.   And there was an exhibit of Nancy Halpern’s quilts through her career.  I especially enjoyed the walk through she led, telling the stories of several quilts, sources of their design and techniques used.

In addition to the show and workshop, there was the visiting.  An online quilt guild listserv I belong to (Our Quilting Beehive)  had arranged its annual  gathering (Swarm) there.  Twenty or so of us gathered from Vermont, Quebec, Ottawa, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts–and I’ve probably missed some.

Altogether, it was a great weekend.

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