Am I ready to compost? for worms?

I live in a town that has mixed recycling curbside.  I must confess to increasing my recycling activity immensely once that started.  Though there is a list of suggested items, they say, “If in doubt put it in.” The stuff is sorted later in the process. That too helped me add to the recycling bin.

Just as I was patting myself on the back for this increased activity, I started to hear about composting and worm gardens. reports from EPA that 24 % of municipal solid waste is food residue or lawn trimmings. That sounded like a lot to me.

I began to consider apartment composting.  Before that I thought one needed a yard and garden. So I am studying the composting cheat sheet:

one day's potential

(for some reason the insert link is disabled, you’ll have to copy and paste in a browser)

While thinking about it, I saved my scraps. They add up quickly.

The article also mentioned worms.  One provides  a container, a space, bedding, and feeds the critters vegetable remains, then harvests a rich soil additive every six months. The soil additive can be used outside or in house plant pots.   This is a harder idea to get used to than a pit for my compostible garbage. Still,I haven’t abandoned it.

One encouraging thing. Both the worm bed and compost should be odor free. If they stink, something is wrong. And a check list is provided for troubleshooting.

I think I am at the aware-of-a-need-but-not-ready-to-act phase.  So I’ll go read some more. The plate will soon be full, though, so I’ll have to either decide to go ahead with composting, if not worms, or give up the idea and trash it.


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  1. Stephanie

    I learned about the apt. composting a while back too but haven’t acted on it… It does sound like a good idea though.

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