Second Sunday

I chat and quilt with a Yahoo listserv, Sunshine. It is a group of charity quilters who focus on two charities, Wrap a Smile and Wrap Them in Love.  More information is on their blog (in category ‘quilt groups’), and you will also find  links to information about each charity.  (I’ll post link with logo when i figure out how.)

One thing we try to do is sew something for Sunshine on the second Sunday of each month and chat about what we are doing and post photos.  No strict rule, and many of us do our “second” Sunday sewing on first, third, or fourth. And some folks sew so much that every day for them is “second Sunday.”

So today I am working on 4 blocks for block lotto, another of our projects.  Each month there is a color or theme to unify the blocks–this month it is floral prints.  We make blocks in pairs, one of which goes to the leader to make Sunshine quilts from, and the other goes  to the one who wins the blocks.  Often these too get made into Sunshine quilts, but it isn’t a requirement.

I haven’t finished sewing, but I have gotten to the point where i can see what they will look like.

Variable Star

12 1/2 x 12 1/2

I always feel better when a block’s look becomes visible. Until then it is fold fabric and try to guess how it will look.  Still, it is amazing to me how different the next few seams will make it, and then again the changes with its setting in a whole top.

I rather like working with a group like this because something can be” finished” before it is finished into a quilt…I will be finished when I put the block in the mail.  Unless I win the batch.  I have won the collection twice, and I have used most of them, but there are a few waiting for inspiration. The orphan block in my first blog entry was one of these.


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