Orphan block challenge

preemie quilt 30 x 30

10/3/17  Reawakening this first post for Tuesday Archives (button in sidebar).

Everything inside the narrow dark border was an orphan block that I acquired.  Although I liked it a lot, I didn’t have any other blocks to go with it. I did have fabric almost like the rectangles.

Because the pieces in the block were so small, wide borders just would not work, so I made the three rows of one-inch checkerboard and added the two rows of random neutral two-inch squares.

Another challenge was to not overpower the block with the large border. To avoid that, I didn’t use the dark brown or the bright oranges in the border.


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5 responses to “Orphan block challenge

  1. Stephanie

    Good luck with the blog and have fun!

  2. Jean

    I love this quilt. the center pops and the rest is so subtle…oh to be so clever.

  3. Sharon

    Lovely piece and great use of an orphan block.

  4. Congrats on year four…isn’t it fun to look back upon that very first post.

  5. dezertsuz

    I do like what you did. I like the whole look of it. It reminds me of a medieval keep surrounded by stout stone walls to keep out the dragons and demons. =)

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